I had a dream last night…

…that brought me to a place of authority. A police station. I was there for questioning, it seemed. I felt exposed, observed, and vulnerable. But I trusted. These were the good guys, right? I dreamed that I was there for safe keeping, and it would be a bit so they offered me a temporary bed. One like those padded examining tables you find in the Doctor’s office. I was given one of those thick, dusty grey blankets that will keep you warm, but offers no security. It had two windows, and a door with a window which all looked onto other parts of the station, such as the office’s and the hall. I had no control over the blinds for these windows as they were only on the other sides of the rooms. I still felt vulnerable.

Time passed and I fell asleep. It seemed as though I somehow lost a couple pieces of clothing while sleeping, and was woken up gently from someone of trust, and told it was time to get up. I was aware of being exposed, and decided to comment to this officer that I can see they are enjoying having a woman in this room for once as they have been taking advantage of the view, and staring a little more than usual into the room.


Moments later the curtains were closed and I had complete privacy to get up and get dressed. I walked out of the room and was escorted to a meeting/break room down the hall. Many jovial faces were gathered there. They wanted to show their appreciation to me! Not sure why, but somehow I had touched them. They appreciated me. They showed their appreciation by giving me a present. I unwrapped the large rectangular object from its paper. It appeared to be a frame the size of a flat screen TV, but instead of a screen there were wires, gears, springs and other strange mechanical parts in the space. As I tilted the frame these parts moved with gravity. The boss told me with pride that it was the latest technology for having a second screen. It could duplicate the image from the original TV and project it into the space.

I awoke shortly after, wondering what to make of this dream. Being vulnerable is something common to everyone. Being naked in public often expresses that in a dream. So it may be representing what happens if I allow myself to truly express who I am inside without fear. To trust that those with ‘authority’ will see the real me and respect me and my thoughts. Perhaps once I can do that there will be rewards in life I can’t yet fathom.

Could it really be that simple?

I don’t normally share dreams. They are extremely personal and often of wild fantasy/horror/sci-fi/embarrassment. Perhaps this is the first step of allowing my true self to shine, and not worry about what others think?

Perhaps this blog is part of a new transformation for me that will lead to mysterious new horizons as I learn to be honest and open.

Perhaps I could get hurt, but I will do my best to understand that in the end only I can decide what hurts me.


Upon further reflection, I find myself wondering about the representation of the second screen. It is futuristic, projects, but only projects what is currently playing on another screen…. Did a tree just fall in the woods or was I not there to hear it?? I think it is time to sleep. I cannot ponder that one right now.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

Love Barb