Christmas Clutter

It seems like all year long I collect ideas. Project ideas, craft ideas, kid ideas, sanity ideas, anything! But they don’t really seem to materialize faster than a snail’s pace. That is until Christmas hits. All of a sudden the house is filled with clutter! Before the holidays we buy crap and shove it into hiding places (that we will forget about and then buy more crap).
During the holidays we make another clutter disaster while we open the gifts and ponder where it is all supposed to go, and whether you will even use it.
Then January comes, and the stores see you coming. They know you bought a lot of crap from them and have no where I put it so bombard you with storage sales, because we need to keep all our crap.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. My crap that I keep. Some of it really does have a future, but the stuff that eats at me most are the ones with memories attached. My dad used to tell me that is why he never threw anything away – so he could look at them and remember.

This year as I begin my January Sweep-The-Crap-Out mission, I am hoping to make some decisions that either use, reinvent or clear out the clutter in my life – spiritual too!

Wish me luck!

~ Barb