No money, more worries

Today is just one of those days where I want to curl up away from everything or I will cry.

It isn’t exactly an abnormal day… There are the usual conflicts to solve, and the picky eaters… It has more to do with the lack of food in the house, and not having the funds to go get more. Technically I do have a teeny tiny bit, but it is earmarked for gas and that is rather important as I really would like the hubby to come home from the airport tonight.

I hate money. I hate the dependence on it and how much power it holds. I hate that it can make me feel like crying and yet so elated when there is extra. People say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy groceries which is enough to make me happy any day!!

I say to hubby “Perhaps I should go get a part time job. At least it would be extra income”. Hubby says I work hard enough during the day, but it never feels like I am doing enough. Perhaps I have gotten too used to holding 3 jobs and 2 is too quiet?

But I really want my free time! I quit the Weekend job because I missed the time with my family and really needed the downtime for my own sanity. I want to work on my home business, not someone else’s….

But it is that minimum wage job that guarantees a paycheque is coming…

Wait a sec. Did I just write that I want my free time so I can work? Umm… Yup. I guess so. Something to think about.


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