I am just ONE. I cannot write something you will agree with completely (but I love you for it)

I have been following different ways of viewing the world for a couple of years now. I  have changed, seen things from the other side, and allowed the veil to be lifted…so to speak.

In particular, I have been bothered by the changes happening in our neighbours to the south (yet followed out of curiosity, and wanting to cheer for the underdog). The USA has had a lot of downs, and most of us Canadians (or at least me) cannot fathom having these things happen to us. I am talking about losing your home and your whole family living in your car for months on end. Trying to have a voice to protest how these circumstances have come about (Occupy Wall Street), yet The Man keeps you down with pepper spray and legal wrangling. Anything to keep the Fat Cat’s pockets Fat. I am reading about the HATE that is spewed between Religious groups and leaders, including leaders of said country. I read their posts as everyday people like us argue back and forth to defend their views and try to best out the other…

I am digesting all this stress from them, and attributing it to a potential future of Canada. Such future cannot be defined by me, but we all try to forecast, right? We want to be prepared? Have all our nuts in a row?

Perhaps it isn’t something I should digest. Perhaps this is one of those times where ignorance is bliss. Some will disagree with me, and I love you for it. Some of you will agree and I love you too. Some of you are indifferent and I love you for who you are. You see, as much as this internet thing has allowed us to share and express our thoughts and opinions to masses more than ever before (and the irony hits me how I am doing this as I talk about it) I can’t help but to think I am only one.

One being.

One mother.

One sister.

One friend.

I am not capable of expressing every point of view fairly because I have not experienced life more than this one way.  I am ok that I am wrong in not expressing it so you agree. 

I am not capable of helping every person or group in need in this community, town, province, country or continent. I am ok with helping someone when I can, even though your experiences tell you I could have chosen someone more deserving.

I am only one.

The funny thing is with everyONE that we have in this funny world with their own unique perspective, we CAN take care of everyONE, everything. By agreeing to disagree and allowing ourselves to be ok with believing something different from the other we actually can take care of everything. Perhaps we take too much comfort in banding together over a cause. It gives us a sense of security! We think we must be right if all these others are jumping on the band wagon! The funny thing is we let RIGHT be dictated by others’ moral compass and not our own… we need to own our own compass to be at peace with ourselves, don’t you think?

This is where the little girl in me wants you to agree and tell me I am RIGHT so I can have my ego boost, and believe I am a good girl. Did I deserve an A for this thought? A pat on the head?

The new part of me doesn’t really care because I need to love myself for who I am at this moment, and I will love you for where you are in your moment.

Sigh… At the same time I cannot help but to feel as though I have inadequately explained the thoughts I am having. Perhaps these thoughts are too lengthy for one blog post. Perhaps I go too easily off on a tangent at 11pm. Perhaps the little girl in me thinks this essay is not good enough for the teacher to praise and once again I have disappointed… but that is the lesson to learn, right? Be happy with myself in the moment, and not let other define what is Right?

In short (not good at being short, or writing – but it doesn’t matter, right?) – you take care of the polar bears, I will take care of the kids, and let’s divide up the rest of the problems between the remaining population. On the other hand, if we each take care of the neighbour to our right, we should come full circle. Or is the Earth flat again? Doesn’t matter. I’ll go on the left.

Peace 🙂


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