Mod Podge Madness

I knew Mod Podge was stinky, but other than that I have not had much experience with it since I was a kid. I have read a couple of recommended techniques from links on Pinterest (my obsession), but none of them had mentioned a thing about the fumes! I didn’t even realize after awhile how much the fumes may affect me until Hubby came down to the basement to ‘rescue’ me. I gave in, took the break he suggested, and decided I had to go right back down into the thick of it again. After all, I want to finish this thing tonight (perhaps next time I should consider smaller doses of this stuff. I am a little dizzy now)!

What is this thing I am making? Simply put, it is cardboard up-cycled from scrapbook paper packages with scrapbook papers Mod Podged on.

But I am not ready to share the results yet! As soon as I get it finished and up, I will post pictures on this project, and it’s purpose.

My favourite moment tonight was when my daughter followed me down to see what I was doing. She very much wanted to be with me – not something I expected since she sees me all week. For the most part she kept herself busy as she discovered the newly organized Craft Cave, and all the fun things in it. While watching me cut the papers, she told me “I like it when you do projects, mommy. You should do them all the time.” thanks baby! I think I will.


I learned how to make my own decoupage glue (will post link soon), and learned that mine may have stunk because it was glossy, not matte. So there’s my answer, go matte for less fumes! Yes?


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