My sweet little girl has been doing quite well in Junior Kindergarten so far. She is fairly quick at learning to copy the letters, and can remember many of them. She is a lefty like her daddy and me, so the spatial awareness and artistic abilities may come easier to her in life.
However so far she has a funny little quirk…

She writes in reverse or mirror image!

I can’t blame her, being a lefty too. After all how many times have I cursed the appearance of ink on my hand and the smudged letters on the page? Ok, that may be a rhetorical question, but enough to make me choose smudge-proof ink! I have seen others bend their wrists at impossible angles or twist their papers to avoid such annoyances.

Watching her learn to write has made me realize how tailored instructional writing is to the right handed people of the world. The way they write number 5 works great for them, but never did work for me! As my son struggles with his printing skills I am becoming even more aware of pushing vs. pulling mechanisms, posture, and angle. These rules developed for learning the easier way to print a letter were all based on right handed people!

The mirrored writing she does makes perfect sense to me, and I think I will enjoy looking back on her little quirk for years to come. Perhaps we will glance at each other in the future and share a private joke about the ink smudges on our hands, and how us lefties should have been taught ‘backwards’.


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