I am just ONE. I cannot write something you will agree with completely (but I love you for it)

I have been following different ways of viewing the world for a couple of years now. I  have changed, seen things from the other side, and allowed the veil to be lifted…so to speak.

In particular, I have been bothered by the changes happening in our neighbours to the south (yet followed out of curiosity, and wanting to cheer for the underdog). The USA has had a lot of downs, and most of us Canadians (or at least me) cannot fathom having these things happen to us. I am talking about losing your home and your whole family living in your car for months on end. Trying to have a voice to protest how these circumstances have come about (Occupy Wall Street), yet The Man keeps you down with pepper spray and legal wrangling. Anything to keep the Fat Cat’s pockets Fat. I am reading about the HATE that is spewed between Religious groups and leaders, including leaders of said country. I read their posts as everyday people like us argue back and forth to defend their views and try to best out the other…

I am digesting all this stress from them, and attributing it to a potential future of Canada. Such future cannot be defined by me, but we all try to forecast, right? We want to be prepared? Have all our nuts in a row?

Perhaps it isn’t something I should digest. Perhaps this is one of those times where ignorance is bliss. Some will disagree with me, and I love you for it. Some of you will agree and I love you too. Some of you are indifferent and I love you for who you are. You see, as much as this internet thing has allowed us to share and express our thoughts and opinions to masses more than ever before (and the irony hits me how I am doing this as I talk about it) I can’t help but to think I am only one.

One being.

One mother.

One sister.

One friend.

I am not capable of expressing every point of view fairly because I have not experienced life more than this one way.  I am ok that I am wrong in not expressing it so you agree. 

I am not capable of helping every person or group in need in this community, town, province, country or continent. I am ok with helping someone when I can, even though your experiences tell you I could have chosen someone more deserving.

I am only one.

The funny thing is with everyONE that we have in this funny world with their own unique perspective, we CAN take care of everyONE, everything. By agreeing to disagree and allowing ourselves to be ok with believing something different from the other we actually can take care of everything. Perhaps we take too much comfort in banding together over a cause. It gives us a sense of security! We think we must be right if all these others are jumping on the band wagon! The funny thing is we let RIGHT be dictated by others’ moral compass and not our own… we need to own our own compass to be at peace with ourselves, don’t you think?

This is where the little girl in me wants you to agree and tell me I am RIGHT so I can have my ego boost, and believe I am a good girl. Did I deserve an A for this thought? A pat on the head?

The new part of me doesn’t really care because I need to love myself for who I am at this moment, and I will love you for where you are in your moment.

Sigh… At the same time I cannot help but to feel as though I have inadequately explained the thoughts I am having. Perhaps these thoughts are too lengthy for one blog post. Perhaps I go too easily off on a tangent at 11pm. Perhaps the little girl in me thinks this essay is not good enough for the teacher to praise and once again I have disappointed… but that is the lesson to learn, right? Be happy with myself in the moment, and not let other define what is Right?

In short (not good at being short, or writing – but it doesn’t matter, right?) – you take care of the polar bears, I will take care of the kids, and let’s divide up the rest of the problems between the remaining population. On the other hand, if we each take care of the neighbour to our right, we should come full circle. Or is the Earth flat again? Doesn’t matter. I’ll go on the left.

Peace 🙂


I had a dream last night…

…that brought me to a place of authority. A police station. I was there for questioning, it seemed. I felt exposed, observed, and vulnerable. But I trusted. These were the good guys, right? I dreamed that I was there for safe keeping, and it would be a bit so they offered me a temporary bed. One like those padded examining tables you find in the Doctor’s office. I was given one of those thick, dusty grey blankets that will keep you warm, but offers no security. It had two windows, and a door with a window which all looked onto other parts of the station, such as the office’s and the hall. I had no control over the blinds for these windows as they were only on the other sides of the rooms. I still felt vulnerable.

Time passed and I fell asleep. It seemed as though I somehow lost a couple pieces of clothing while sleeping, and was woken up gently from someone of trust, and told it was time to get up. I was aware of being exposed, and decided to comment to this officer that I can see they are enjoying having a woman in this room for once as they have been taking advantage of the view, and staring a little more than usual into the room.


Moments later the curtains were closed and I had complete privacy to get up and get dressed. I walked out of the room and was escorted to a meeting/break room down the hall. Many jovial faces were gathered there. They wanted to show their appreciation to me! Not sure why, but somehow I had touched them. They appreciated me. They showed their appreciation by giving me a present. I unwrapped the large rectangular object from its paper. It appeared to be a frame the size of a flat screen TV, but instead of a screen there were wires, gears, springs and other strange mechanical parts in the space. As I tilted the frame these parts moved with gravity. The boss told me with pride that it was the latest technology for having a second screen. It could duplicate the image from the original TV and project it into the space.

I awoke shortly after, wondering what to make of this dream. Being vulnerable is something common to everyone. Being naked in public often expresses that in a dream. So it may be representing what happens if I allow myself to truly express who I am inside without fear. To trust that those with ‘authority’ will see the real me and respect me and my thoughts. Perhaps once I can do that there will be rewards in life I can’t yet fathom.

Could it really be that simple?

I don’t normally share dreams. They are extremely personal and often of wild fantasy/horror/sci-fi/embarrassment. Perhaps this is the first step of allowing my true self to shine, and not worry about what others think?

Perhaps this blog is part of a new transformation for me that will lead to mysterious new horizons as I learn to be honest and open.

Perhaps I could get hurt, but I will do my best to understand that in the end only I can decide what hurts me.


Upon further reflection, I find myself wondering about the representation of the second screen. It is futuristic, projects, but only projects what is currently playing on another screen…. Did a tree just fall in the woods or was I not there to hear it?? I think it is time to sleep. I cannot ponder that one right now.

Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

Love Barb

Mod Podge Madness

I knew Mod Podge was stinky, but other than that I have not had much experience with it since I was a kid. I have read a couple of recommended techniques from links on Pinterest (my obsession), but none of them had mentioned a thing about the fumes! I didn’t even realize after awhile how much the fumes may affect me until Hubby came down to the basement to ‘rescue’ me. I gave in, took the break he suggested, and decided I had to go right back down into the thick of it again. After all, I want to finish this thing tonight (perhaps next time I should consider smaller doses of this stuff. I am a little dizzy now)!

What is this thing I am making? Simply put, it is cardboard up-cycled from scrapbook paper packages with scrapbook papers Mod Podged on.

But I am not ready to share the results yet! As soon as I get it finished and up, I will post pictures on this project, and it’s purpose.

My favourite moment tonight was when my daughter followed me down to see what I was doing. She very much wanted to be with me – not something I expected since she sees me all week. For the most part she kept herself busy as she discovered the newly organized Craft Cave, and all the fun things in it. While watching me cut the papers, she told me “I like it when you do projects, mommy. You should do them all the time.” thanks baby! I think I will.


I learned how to make my own decoupage glue (will post link soon), and learned that mine may have stunk because it was glossy, not matte. So there’s my answer, go matte for less fumes! Yes?


My sweet little girl has been doing quite well in Junior Kindergarten so far. She is fairly quick at learning to copy the letters, and can remember many of them. She is a lefty like her daddy and me, so the spatial awareness and artistic abilities may come easier to her in life.
However so far she has a funny little quirk…

She writes in reverse or mirror image!

I can’t blame her, being a lefty too. After all how many times have I cursed the appearance of ink on my hand and the smudged letters on the page? Ok, that may be a rhetorical question, but enough to make me choose smudge-proof ink! I have seen others bend their wrists at impossible angles or twist their papers to avoid such annoyances.

Watching her learn to write has made me realize how tailored instructional writing is to the right handed people of the world. The way they write number 5 works great for them, but never did work for me! As my son struggles with his printing skills I am becoming even more aware of pushing vs. pulling mechanisms, posture, and angle. These rules developed for learning the easier way to print a letter were all based on right handed people!

The mirrored writing she does makes perfect sense to me, and I think I will enjoy looking back on her little quirk for years to come. Perhaps we will glance at each other in the future and share a private joke about the ink smudges on our hands, and how us lefties should have been taught ‘backwards’.

Christmas Clutter

It seems like all year long I collect ideas. Project ideas, craft ideas, kid ideas, sanity ideas, anything! But they don’t really seem to materialize faster than a snail’s pace. That is until Christmas hits. All of a sudden the house is filled with clutter! Before the holidays we buy crap and shove it into hiding places (that we will forget about and then buy more crap).
During the holidays we make another clutter disaster while we open the gifts and ponder where it is all supposed to go, and whether you will even use it.
Then January comes, and the stores see you coming. They know you bought a lot of crap from them and have no where I put it so bombard you with storage sales, because we need to keep all our crap.

Where was I going with this? Oh yeah. My crap that I keep. Some of it really does have a future, but the stuff that eats at me most are the ones with memories attached. My dad used to tell me that is why he never threw anything away – so he could look at them and remember.

This year as I begin my January Sweep-The-Crap-Out mission, I am hoping to make some decisions that either use, reinvent or clear out the clutter in my life – spiritual too!

Wish me luck!

~ Barb